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Nobbas is a groundbreaking collaborative tool designed to revolutionize the real estate search process for couples and real estate agents. 

Project Overview

The platform allows users to collaborate, comment, and engage in open dialogues about their real estate findings in one centralized location. Setting itself apart from traditional real estate websites, Nobbas introduces a unique “swipe your way home” feature, inspired by Tinder, enabling users to easily browse and swipe through properties based on their preferences.

logo Mark

To capture the essence of collaboration and communication within the real estate context, our team developed a logo featuring two chat bubbles shaped like a house. This design element represents the platform’s unique collaborative features, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and shared decision-making. Vibrant colors, such as purple and green, were strategically chosen to differentiate Nobbas from conventional real estate websites and give it a youthful, tech startup aesthetic.

Online Presence

The Nobbas application and website offer a user experience reminiscent of the popular dating app Tinder. Users can swipe left on properties they are not interested in, addressing the common frustration of repeatedly encountering the same properties on traditional real estate platforms. By swiping left, properties are tagged as “not interested” and removed from the user’s feed, creating a personalized and tailored real estate search experience. The application and website were designed to be intuitive and enjoyable to use, providing a seamless and engaging browsing experience for users.

Throughout the project, our team worked diligently to create a unique brand identity for Nobbas, incorporating collaborative elements and distinctive design choices. The result is a collaborative real estate discovery platform that breaks away from traditional norms, offering a fun and efficient way for couples and real estate agents to engage in meaningful discussions and discover their dream homes.